Stop spending an hour crafting the perfect post just to give up and say “forget it.”

You know what you are supposed to be doing on Social Media but you're lacking consistency & a plan.

The content train is moving and the pressure to jump on is real. Without a strategy, the social train will drag you down. Don’t let it. 

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Time to think bigger...


Social Genie: Your Social Media Content Generator

This easy-to-use digital planner is perfect for Actor-preneurs, Multi-hyphenates & small business owners who want to plan social media, create detailed plans for posts, and track analytics. Grab the tool our agency uses with clients to stay on top of all the fun, overwhelming, creative social media & email planning we do for top acting schools in NYC. 


Get organized before scheduling & posting!


Fill out your content topics, choose your image and caption categories, and then watch as it auto-populates your next year of social media. The perfect step to take before scheduling and posting your content! This comprehensive planner covers annual, monthly, and weekly planning.



  • Video Tutorial to walk you through your planning 

  • Auto-generated post & caption topics

  • Month/Week/Day Overview of your social plan

  • Fully integrated & linked cells for easy navigation

  • Status Tracker for each day of social for easy management

  • Analytics Tracker for IG, FB, Twitter & TikTok

  • Twitter text counter 

  • Eblast status tracker

  • Holiday Reminders

  • Live Monthly Zoom Office Hours for help with navigation & consistency. let's plan together! 

Create social media that is

quick, clear & analytical

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"I'm just gonna make this post real quick,"

You spend the first part of your day, beating yourself up as you fumble between ideas. By the time you finally start typing your Instagram caption, you remember you need to update your Linktree, and then you decide to jazz up the image in Canva. 15 minutes becomes one hour and you miss lunch once again. Social media can creep into all corners of your life if you let it. Stop starting from scratch! Start the month knowing where your social media is going.


"Ugh, everyone else seems so on it."
Maybe I should make mine more like theirs… Do you feed your FOMO by scrolling through what others are posting, and then start to question your original ideas? Stop shifting your vision! Create solid content topics and have confidence that each day’s post guides your audience along a journey, bringing them closer to watching your video, buying your product, or signing up for your service.


"Does anyone even want to hear me talk about this?"

What do your likes, share, and saves tell you about your content? Just posting for the sake of posting may have been a solid plan when you first started out, but you need more now.

Track actual data so that you can grow your business thoughtfully and sustainably.



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Having everything in one place makes me feel like I finally have my socia media content under control.


What used to take me hours a day took me two hours this week!”

Image by Garrhet Sampson

"You should be charging three times as much for this. It's a game changer"