Sometimes you get so close you can taste

What do your photos say about your business?

You need marketing materials that establish

you as a professional,

Bad branding should not be the reason

you don't get the sale.


Branding Photoshoot

June 9th 2019 - Richmond, VA

There's only so many times that you can use that headshot photo. Let's face it, it's time to upgrade your branding.

Imagine having photos that show off the face of your company... YOU! 

Jazelle Foster


I split my days in New York City in front of the camera as an actor & behind the camera as a photographer & coach to NYC young actors and models.

Feeling comfortable in front of the camera isn't hard, just requires a little camera magic!


Join me on June 9th in Richmond Virginia 


Just a few places you could use your branded photos:

 • Photos for website   • Newsletter header   • Pricing guides

• options/free resources   • Promotional pamphlets/ flyers   

• Business cards   • Advertising   • Blog posts

• Contributor photos /guest at an event  

• Social Media headers, group photos, posts, profile photos

• IGTV video thumbnail 

• Facebooks Ads  • Instagram Ads • LinkedIn Ads

• LinkedIn articles • Pinterest graphics

• Book cover/book bio photo • Podcast graphics

What's included?

30-minute prep video call

90-minute Photoshoot

Online gallery & Downloads