The Number 1 Site for Auditions: Actors Access

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

So, you're an actor and you would love to get some jobs? Get some bookings?

Yes! Let me help you.

Want to know my number one website for finding bookings and auditions? Actors Access. I love this website. I have been using it for over a decade. It is amazing, trustworthy, and safe. Actors Access is just one of the ways that you can share your marketing materials with film/tv/commercial casting directors who are interested in booking people like you.

Let me break down how to submit to jobs on Actors Access works. Casting directors are hired by production companies to find an array of talent for every role. Important Note: a casting director does not pick the final choice. Rather, they are in charge of collecting and presenting all the possible talent for the company to choose. The company chooses who they want to work with in the end.

The first step that a casting director takes is creating a breakdown. What’s a breakdown? It’s a list of roles that they are looking to hire. They put this breakdown on what's called Breakdown Services. This is the back-end of Actors Access. Only agents, managers, and casting directors have access to this. You and I can't just look on Breakdown Services and see that information, you have to have a special login for that.