Thank You Notes Every Actor Should Send

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

When's the last time you sent a thank you card to somebody in the industry?

We have people who work really hard for us to get us opportunities and we want to make sure

we're showing our gratitude. As an acting coach in New York city as well as an actor

and I know what it's like to start a career from scratch and I just want to help you make

it a little bit easier.

Casting directors, they are the gatekeepers. They are the one that brings us into

auditions, and if you're getting auditions, it means that they like you. It means that they

are willing to put you in front of their client because they think that you have a chance

at booking the role. So that alone is worth a thank you note. But there are four

particular times that you should be sending thank you notes or thank you emails.

If you have an casting director that's been bringing you in to audition over and over

again and you haven't booked yet, it's a perfect time for you to say thank you, just so

that they know that you appreciate the fact that they are bringing you in the room and

you want to maintain that relationship with them. Kee