Ask Yourself This Before You Start Your Kid’s Acting Career

How cool would it be to have your child in movies or TV shows, or on covers of magazines? Or to see your child all over the walls of the Gap? So cool. But there are some key conversations that you should have with your family before you embark on a career for your child in entertainment.

Here are questions to ask you, yourself, your family, and your children before you start a career for your young actor.

1. What sacrifices are you willing to make?

When it comes to auditions, when it comes to bookings, when it comes to self-tapes -- what are you okay sacrificing and what is a hard “no” for you? Specifically, you need to talk about evenings, sports, holidays, and vacations. There will be times where an audition or a booking might come up during a holiday, family vacation, or during the tournament of another sibling. Which sacrifices are you okay with and which sacrifices are you not okay with?

2. What are your financial boundaries?

Starting a career in the entertainment field is super expensive and you should be aware of how much money you're expected to shell out. I talked about the expenses of starting an acting career in an earlier video. Please go watch that video and then sit down with your partner, or whoever else you have as a support system, and talk about how much money you are willing to invest. When you talk about that number, make sure it doesn't include anything that you can't get back. When you're investing in your child, you want to make sure that if nothing comes from this, you and your household will still be financially okay. You don't want to experience any resentment or anger around any lost investments.

3. Are you okay if they quit?

If your young actor wakes up tomorrow and says, "You know what, I don't wanna do this anymore. It's stressful." Are you going to be okay with that? Even more importantly, are you going to be okay if they lose inte