How to Find Acting Auditions

Updated: Feb 26

Looking for a safe, reliable way to get auditions?

Today I’m going to talk about my second favorite casting site to find auditions for actors.

I love Casting Networks. It is my second favorite casting site after Actors Access. If you haven't heard about my number one casting site, read about it here.

Now, let's be real. Casting Networks is one of my favorite audition submission sites for a reason. In 2017, Fox took all of their projects from Actors Access and moved them to Casting Networks. That made us say “Oh, hi Casting Networks, how are you?”

If you have an agent or manager, they're going to require you to be on this site. There's a monthly fee for videos. If you pay that and the monthly fee for unlimited photos, you can upload as many photos or as many videos as you want. That's not the case on all of these casting sites. I talked a little bit more in depth about how you can do some specific things to make those things pop in my video talking about Actors Access. Those things apply here as well. I just want to focus on those couple of differences between Actors Access and Casting Networks.

Just like the rest of the sites, you want to make sure you're on Castin