Do Actors Need Social Media - 4 easy tips

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Social Media Can help you Network, Build Relationships & Advance your acting career

But when used incorrectly it can make you look foolish, unprofessional and thirsty.

I'm Jazelle, I'm an acting coach in NYC as well as an actor & I know what it's like to start a career in this industry, and I just want to help you make it a little bit easier.

Social Media is where people go to get to know you. It's the first thing we do when we are interested in getting to know someone & it's no different in the Industry. Casting Directors will google or FB or Insta you! - BE IN CONTROL of what people see.

You want to be familiar, next is being known. Create connections!

Show who you are.

Be someone you want to hang out with

Will having a lot of followers get you a job... yeah maybe! Networks & brands have always favored marketability. This has been going on from the beginning. Don't freak out about it.