7 Ways To Prepare the Day Before Your Photoshoot

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Camera’s don't lie. So when you have a photoshoot coming up it’s important to prepare as

much as possible. A lot of people focus too much on all the moving parts of the shoot, and not enough on themselves. After all, you are the one in front on the camera.

1. Get good sleep

Ok. You know this. Go to bed early, let your body and mind rest. I know you are important and

you have stuff to do but these photos are just as important.

2. Drink lots of water

The camera will snitch, trust me. Lack of water shows up on your skin. The last thing you want

to do is show up to a shoot dehydrated.

3. Rest your eyes

Put the phone down and step away from the computer and TV. Give your eyes a rest.

Technology strains our eyes and right before you try to “smize” (smile with your eyes) you need

to give them a rest.

4. Romance yourself (prep and primp)

Sounds silly but you know how amazing you feel after being catered to and romanized by

someone else. Imagine walking up to your photoshoot with the same spring in your step. Run

yourself a hot bath or pour yourself a glass of wine the night before and sit with yourself. Find as

many small things to fill your day with that’s sure to make you smile. I am a firm believer that we

should be doing this everyday but on the day of a shoot, it is so important. Plan to have your

favorite breakfast. Pack your favorite candy to have on your way to your location. Anything that

you know brings you joy can be used to prime your confidence and get you excited.

5. Pack and Plan that night

Outfit planning really should be done before now, so if you haven't done that, get to it! Take the

time out the night before to pack in a way that everything will remain safe and wrinkle free. Pack

your jewelry in small ziplock bags.

6. Make and Pre game to your playlist

Music has power. The first thing I tell my clients is to make a playlist for your shoot tailored to

the vibe you want to give off in your photos. Once you've made the playlist, put it on and jam

out. Think of it like pre gaming, get yourself into the mood, have a good time with no one

watching so that when you get in front of that camera you already know what to do.

7. Make sure you planned a stress free day.

You know how much power your day can have over you. Set your day up so that you are in a

good mood by the time you get to your shoot. Don't schedule your day so back to back that

you’re rushing. Don’t plan anything into your day, that might take you to the wrong headspace.

Plan the night before what time you need to leave to get there not only on time, but with enough

time that you don't feel rushed.

We have so much more control than we like to believe.

Let me know what you are doing to prepare for your next photoshoot.

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