What does the color you are wearing say about you?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

What do colors mean?

Time for a photoshoot, a client meeting or even a seminar. Somewhere you have to go where you need to be paying attention to how you are representing you and your brand. I know you already planned your outfit, but did you think about the color of what you are planning on

wearing? Your black blazer would cause you to give off a total different vibe if it was bright red.

Color has a lot of power. You know! I’m sure you spent days just picking the colors for your website and business cards. But we sometimes forget to think about the color of our clothing and how it affects how we are initially perceived. Entering your client meeting wearing all black when your company’s brand screams colorful creativity and excitement, probably isn’t giving off the vibe you want.


This color screams purity, business and gives a classic feel. This is a great color to pair with others or wear by itself. An all white outfit is a strong statement.


This color will give yourself all the attention you can handler. Red definitely makes you stand out. It says exciting aggressive and passionate. Don’t wear this color when you are trying to fly under the radar.


Calming and nurturing. Pink gives off a very trustworthy feeling. Envolking hope, love and affection in the people in your presence.


One of the go to colors for excluding control and power. Blue is a very clean color, professional and honest.


Everyone thinks of money and growth with this color. Emerald is known for a very glamorous wealthy look.


Like Red, yellow is one of those bright colors that can attract a lot of attention. But in a slightly different way. It screams creativity, excitement, optimism, and youth.


This color can run the gamet. On one hand it’s powerful and elegant and on the other end it’s depressing and stoic. Nonetheless it’s a powerful pairing color to take a bright color down a notch.

+ Personality

Before you run out and buy an all white suit remember that your personality has a factor as well.

Have you ever seen someone wearing a bright neon outfit and the outfit wore them. Be careful of that. While color is a factor, you being comfortable is even more important. Wear what makes you feel good.

What’s your go to color and how does it make you feel? Let me know in the comments below.

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