Find Acting Auditions: Backstage Casting Site Review

Updated: Feb 26

Today I’m going to focus on Backstage, the casting site and all-around resource for actors. I am trying to contain myself because I love Backstage so much. Backstage is my number three choice for finding auditions in the acting world.

If you did not hear about my first and second choices, go ahead and watch my #1Choice and #2 Choice videos.

The reason why Backstage is my third top choice is because it's so much more than a casting site. They have resources that are helpful to new actors and old actors. I’m going to start by focusing on the casting part of Backstage first and then we'll get into all of the other goodness. If you're going on Backstage to submit for jobs you're going to see a lot of industrials, a lot of student films, a lot of independent films, some spec commercials, and many theater shows. Specs are the commercials that appear on the internet, but not on television. You'll also see industrials, those are internal videos used by a company. For example, an industrial video might be created by a hotel with purpose of educating their employees on a company policy.

Overall, Backstage has my favorite formatting and design. It just looks pretty, it's easy to use, and the formatting is very simple. Backstage has a subscription cost of about $20 a month. It does cost less if you commit to an annual subscription. Again, it's totally worth it. There are a lot of resources on this site and if you're just starting out, it's probably my number one pick for you. Backstage is really the place you want to be when you're just getting started. This is because it is the best place to find all of those independent films and student films. The competition is low for these projects so your chance of booking something bigger is higher. You can use these kinds of roles to quickly gather some footage and create a reel that will help you look like a professional in this industry. Now, when you think about student films and independent films and all of those things, not all are created equally. So you do want to do your research and