Insta Makeover Takeover

You have dreams of being an actor or model...

You know you need to be comfortable in front of the camera but are still struggling to relax...

You are just one photoshoot away from finding your flow in front of the camera!

Join us for

Insta Makeover Takeover

Sunday November 3rd 2019 - New York City
10 am - 2 pm


What is it?

It's a photoshoot, workshop & a party.
 The perfect atmosphere to loosen up and let your confidence soar! 

What's included?

Two Looks
Professional Photos 
7 pre-selected Edits
20 Unedited Photos 
Modeling Coaching
Rose (for 21+)
(Bring three or more outfits) 
*Instagram Curation Guide

$150  regular admission

Instagram Curation Guide - 1 hour Skype Call

free admission with early bird tickets

Truth is.. as a creative your life is more interesting than you give yourself credit for, you just have to know how to talk about yourself.⁣

Social Media is supposed to help you create a buzz & show people what you do. You're a brand, so the quality of your photos is important.

But sometimes, you don't have photos to post and even if you did, what would you say?

How many times can you post or that #tbt to the last time you were on set. ⁣⁣

I spend every day with the actors & models working on their craft. That used to be enough, but nowadays you’re the artist, your marketing team & PR team right out of the gate. Social Media isn’t your job, it shouldn’t feel like it, but you can’t ignore it either. You have to be strategic.


Modeling Coach

Atonia Pettiford

Has modeled in countless print ads, runways and commercials around the world. including Listerine, Yoplait yogurt, Nescafe, NY Lottery, Johnson Hair Care product line, Barcardi, RonRico Rum, Glamour, Bazaar and Essence magazine as well as soap operas One Life to Live and All My Children. 


Splits her days in New York City in front of the camera as an actor & behind the camera as a photographer as well as a coach to NYC young actors and models.

She is known from her role on ABC's What Would You Do?! Worked with brands such as Olay, Estee Lauder, Target & Uber.  

Feeling comfortable in front of the camera isn't hard, just requires a little camera magic!


Tony Tillman

Actor - Model 

Kinky Boots National Tour

Jazelle Foster

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