Jazelle Foster is an acting coach in NYC as well as a photographer & actor.


An actor mostly known for her recurring role in ABC’s What Would You Do?! with John Quinones. She has been seen in commercials for the Target, Olay, Estee Lauder, Uber, and AT&T. 


She knows what it's like to start a career from scratch in this industry and just wants to help make it a little bit easier! It's her mission to tear down the industry barriers that stay in the way of an actor following their dreams. When I was younger, my mom knew I was talented and we spent so much time and money on trying to find the right path. I work with tons of actors trying to get their footing in the Industry working hard to understand how this industry works. I truly believe, not knowing the industry or having to deal with a learning curve, should not be a reason to not follow their dreams. 

Jazelle educates through her In-person/Skype coaching, Youtube audience of 90K subscribers and her Headshot Photography.