You want to support & guide your child into their dream career without fear,
uncertainty or being taken advantage of...​

I will help you stop spinning your wheels.​

That way, you can focus on creating memories with your kids.
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Here are some acting tips to help you start your acting career without spending more money than you need to. 

How to make an actor Resume

This video will take you through the steps of creating a professional looking actor resume.

All memorization tricks are not created equal, there are some that do more harm than good.


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The entire time I felt so at ease and free to express my personality. I usually feel awkward and unsure of what to do in front of a camera, but Jazelle was able to ask all the right questions to bring the real me out so I felt as relaxed as I do on stage. She also has amazing technical knowledge - she shared so many amazing tips and tricks that helped to capture my best angle. I could not recommend Jazelle enough - I will definitely be going back the next time I need new headshots.

| MATEO E. |


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